Nabin K. Malakar, Ph.D.

I am a computational physicist working on societal applications of machine-learning techniques.

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My research interests span multi-disciplinary fields involving Societal applications of Machine Learning, Decision-theoretic approach to automated Experimental Design, Bayesian statistical data analysis and signal processing.


Interested about the picture? Autonomous experimental design allows us to answer the question of where to take the measurements. More about it is here...


I addition to the research, I also like to hike, bike, read and play with water color.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What is Information?

What is Information?
Is it the data that you collect? Is it the statement that your mother makes when advising not to go outside in the dark? Or is it what you think on what you know about what you are thinking?
Defining information is not so trivial.
Try it, feel free to share on comments.