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Monday, March 24, 2008

Nepali Physicists in 2008 APS (March Meeting)

A list of Nepali physicists participating in the 2008 APS March meeting held at Morial Convention Center, New Orleans,

(1) Dr. Bed Poudel - Boston, MA
(2) Mr. Trilochan Poudel - Boston College, MA
(3) Mr. Shankar Kunwar - Boston College, MA
(4) Mr. Sushil Joshi - Boston College, MA
(5) Mr. Rajendra Dahal - Kansas State University, KS
(6) Mr. Bed Nidhi Pantha - Kansas State University, KS
(7) Mr. Parashu Ram Kharel - Wayne State University
(8) Mr. Rajesh Regmi - Wayne State University, MI
(9) Mr. Arjun Pathak - Southern Illinois University,IL
(10) Mr. Rakesh Shah - Southern Illinois University, IL
(11) Mr. Krishna Sigdel - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA
(12) Mr. Rudra Kafle - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA
(13) Mr. Pashupati Dhakal - Boston College, MA
(14) Mr. Sanjaya Adhikari, Towson University, MD
(15) Mr. Khim Karki, Towson University, MD
(16) Mr. Pushkal Thapa - Wayne State University
(17) Mr. Ashok Sedhain - Kansas State University
(18) Dr. Prem Chapagain - Florida International University, FL
(19) Dr. Tara Dhakal - University of Southern Florida, FL
(20) Mr. Hari Dahal - Boston College, MA
(21) Dr. Lekh Nath Bhusal - NREL , Golden , CO
(22) Mr. Laxman Mainali - SUNY at Albany, NY
(23) Mr. Indra Dev Sahu - SUNY at Albany , NY
(24) Mr. Sanjay Prabhakar - SUNY at Albany, NY
(25) Mr. Amar Bahadur Karki - Louisiana State University, LA
(26) Mr. Krishna Neupane - University of Miami, FL
(27) Mr. Suman Khatiwada, Morgan State University, MD
(28) Mr. Krishna Neupane - Kent State University, OH
(29) Mr. Shyam Raj Badu - SUNY at Albany, NY
(30) Mr. Parashu Ram Gyawali - Kent State University, OH
(31) Mr. Madhab Neupane - Boston College, MA
(32) Mr. Pushkar Dahal - Kenyon College, OH
(33) Mr. Suman Khatiwada - Morgan State University, MD
(34) Dr. Bijaya Bahadur Karki - Louisiana State University, LA
(35) Mr. Tula Poudel - Case Western Reserve University, OH
(36) Mr. Prem Thapa - Oklahoma State University, OK
(37) Dr. Mukesh Dhamala - Georgia State University, GA
Updated by Rudra Kafle
At 7:47 A.M. Central Time
Friday, March 14 , 2008
Quoted from the Google Group of Nepal Physical Society