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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Active Nepali Bloggers, Nepali Bloggers Group and BLOGAN part I

Scenario One:
When I started blogging back in 2004, it was meant to be personal rambling. I started with a lot of  energy and the old blogger; invited few friends and asked for comments on it. No one really cared.
I then stopped it, eventually that got deleted in 2007 when I saw that the level of writing was not upto it. Anyway, that was a crude start back then. In conversation with one of the friend, on the use of blogging as ways to communicate, he indicated me that he had seen another blog by a Nepali lady aboard writing on the ease of transportation. As he said, she was writing on the possible abuse by the passengers on the crowded bus in Nepal and was comparing the scenario aboard. My impression of blog since has not changed.

Scenario Two:
I started back to blog. The promoting energy was the power of bloggers that was witnessed while I was searching for the reliability of Dell computer that I was thinking of buying. I found that the Blogs were much more informative than the news site as it clearly indicated the defects and the hassle in dealing with the customer care center. The same energy got my blogger part awaken and started doing so. It was fun. The same friend, commented: A good way to kill time while alone/aboard.
After rambling for some time, I got interested in searching for Nepali Bloggers. By this time was there. At least 75/80 blogs were already listed. I browsed them one by one. To my great surprise, most of them had already decided to hibernate.
I wanted to see the active Nepali Bloggers.

Scenario Three:
In the quest of seeking active Nepali Bloggers, Nepalean et al was able to gather about x number of bloggers into the same place in shout box (in Dautari Blog Chautari). I really enjoyed it! Personally, it gave me a chance to say hello to bloggers who were adorable and passionate in their writings. Before that event, I really had not much chance to chat to fellow bloggers except with Aakar, Naya Laure etc. Everyone appreciated the effort by the team.
However, one striking feature was there...
A quest to seek active Nepali Bloggers versus revive the BLOGAN.
One said some people (of BLOGAN) had already started blogging even before other Nepali knew what blog meant. Really?

Well, what does a blog mean?

  1. Collection of News/Reporting
  2. Collection of Personal thoughts/Biases
  3. Collection of Personal Literatures
  4. Place to dump copy and paste materials
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above
More on the second part...


Thank You Dilip jee(@ comment) for indicating the omission, the fulltext of Dautari Bhela can be found here...