Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wikipedia: A reliable source of information?

Do you think that wikipedia is the reliable source of information?

Yes (74%)
Don't care(2%)

Total vote: 47.

This is the result of the poll conducted in my blog: Time! (

The key question over here is what kind of information do we need? And what is the meaning of the reliability ?
Wikipedia is, of course, not the source of reliable news. Even some of the history chapters may have been biased.
I was reading some news on wikipedia that there had been two cases where the death of the peoples had been posted before they were actually killed. Similarly, when I was seeking the news on indian Idol, people would work hard to keep changing the names of the participant who have been voted out, I think they amused themselves by doing that.
When Reliability is the key question, I would wait and see.
However, when we do search, there are wikipedia results. For me I do peek into the results implied by the wikipedia link. has been nice place for me when I try to see definitive answers. And, most of the time I have been looking for some definitive results. There are of course Wikipedia results.