Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Subscribe to Physics | New venture of American Physical Society

As a member of the Americal Physical Society, I got the following message.
I hope posting it here does not violate any (c) law.

Thousands of physicists have now signed up for weekly email alerts from Physics , the new, free, online publication from the APS, and many more get timely notice of new features via RSS feeds. Your colleagues and fellow APS members have discovered the brief, clear, original commentary on exceptional papers from Physical Review Letters and the Physical Review series that you'll find in Physics. Expert-written commentaries, called Viewpoints, place selected PRL/PR papers in context and add explanatory detail; Trends provide a concise overview of an area of research which is of high, topical interest; Synopses summarize important papers that merit wider attention.
See for yourself whether Physics interests you:
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