Wednesday, April 8, 2009

List of Nepali Physicists Aboard: Reloaded

I can recall this:
I was a B.Sc. Third year student at Trichandra College, doing my Electronics project with Jeevan Jyoti Nakarmi sir. He was excited to tell us that Nepali Physicists in USA had created a database of all Nepali Physicists.


I was the president of Students Association of Physics (SAP) and was told by Prof. Devendra Raj Mishra to think about preparing similar data sheet. His vision was to have a list in which one should be able to have knowledge of "who is doing what in where". That facilitates the nation to plan. PhD student are the treasures of nation.

After coming to USA, during my first year, I could not care less. I was able to find the list prepared by Dr. Jagat Shakya. But that list was discontinued. Out of that list I was able to create the list of physicists for Google Group of Nepal Physical Society.  Thankfully, google approved my request to send the mass invitation Email. Many were ignored, many were mis-typed. In anyway it has 193+ verified members with 34 active members.

Similarly, Yahoo Group Created by Sameer Dai had attempted to create a database of the members. It has never been completed. He has been requesting it for long time. Because of technical glitch it is closed to the public. I wish it could be open group.

Google Group also attempted to having such database:
but it did not go very far. Only 22 entries are there.

Another attempt was to have a facebook group:
Growing as per the facebook users grow...

Then there comes the "Nepali Physicists around the Globe": A project aimed to put the Nepali Physicists on the Google Map. Amit Dongol and I had volunteered (thanks also to Deepak Rimal and Sanjiv Jha). It got around 120 entries.  It is there,24.82544&spn=179.310626,357.890625 Still needs to be updated.

The effort continues...
The question is how to get in touch with the new batch of unlisted Nepali Physicists or how can they find us.

If you are Nepali Physicist and are missing on the list; plus want to be in touch, the best way would be to join the Google Group of Nepal Physical Society. 
People will come and go creating lists but the authentic group will survive forever. 

(Wow!!! written in 32+2 minutes!)