Friday, August 28, 2009

Physics Students Departing from Nepal to USA for Fall 2009.

This year only about one and half dozen Nepali Physicists departed aboard for pursuing higher degrees. As we are aware, most of them do come to USA.
Here is what I have been able to collect so far...

Jagannath Devkota(USM)
Pushpa Pudasaini(USM)
Santosh K.C.(Texas)
Tulashi Dahal (Boston)
Ganesh Chand
Sanjeev Jha(NMSU)
Dilli Raj Poudel(NMSU)
Barun Gupta (University of Utah)
Bindu K.C (Idaho State Univ.)
Purushottam Tiwari (Florida)
Pooja Pradhan (U Toledo)
Kamal Dhungana (Michigan Tech)
Tek Basel (University of Utah)
Bhim Lal Poudel(Miami)
Dharma Raj Khatiwada (Minesota)
Hari lal Bhatta (Missouri state university)
Madan Lamichhane (Memphis)
While the business of list collecting is not unique in its nature, I would like to welcome fellow colleagues and wish them all the best for their future academic endeavor.
Thanks to Dilli, Jagannath and Smriti Jee.