Sunday, November 15, 2009

Subscribe to Active Nepali Blogs by Email: Hamro-Circle

Hamro-Circle provides an easy access for updated blogs from active Nepali Bloggers around the Globe. I am thankful to so many adorable people for the positive response and acceptance of Hamro-Circle and the associated Google Widget.

It gives me a great pleasure to announce that now we can subscribe to the feed in hamro-circle by Email. Since the feedburner is designed to gather only some words from the first paragraph of posts, I hope no one will be upset about his/her blog is being sindicated to Email.
To me it is really nice feature that I will get updated blog titles/post summaries to Email everyday through Feed burner.

Please subscribe to Hamro-Circle Feed by Email.
Subscribe to Hamro Circle: Active Nepali Blogs by Email

The defect at the moment is the fact that Email feed delivery is set at mid-night EST. Which makes me get it after the delay of a day. Sometimes it feels bad to be in the last of the discussions. However, I still try to convince myself that is OK as I am not completely missing the juice. I mean the post is fresh and alive after a day. :)

Please subscribe and post your experience in comment.
Thank You!