Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cleaning the 16inch Telescope Mirror

Thanks to Prof. Delano, we were able to bring the 16-inch lens down.
It requires some cleaning up after about 40 5/6 years. The controller was also not functioning properly. The previous posts on observatory can be found here...
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 The concave reflector. Yes, it needed cleaning!
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Secondary mirror up the tube. Detaching the main mirror requires removing 12 nuts. 

Eye piece

Dashboard, if you may :)

Curious  Phil.

A dead Spider. Now we know why the motors did not work: its driver died there. 

Controller, opened and ready for inspection. Luckily only one wire was found broken. Cleaning will fix the sticking buttons.

Lube Oil from Nov 62. ASP from Oct 2010.
Prof. John Delano
Prof. Kevin Knuth
Phil Erner
Katie Kern