Saturday, November 19, 2011

This week: Neutrinos still superluminal according to experiments

A lot of things happend this week, so I am pinning few down here...

"The statistical interpretation of the quantum state is inconsistent with the predictions of quantum theory"!/nabinkm/status/137499597688930305

Are neutrinos running faster than light?!/nabinkm/status/137675067193700352!/nabinkm/status/137506258361126913!/nabinkm/status/137595451984711680!/nabinkm/status/137593841875288064!/nabinkm/status/137592914200104960!/nabinkm/status/136812249892401152!/nabinkm/status/136599314486140928

Automated FarmBots for farmer-less farming:
Recent developments in automated farming the crop field has achieved centimeter level accuracy in localization of the farming UAVs.

Lets just call it "Microwave Maths" or "Lightwaves in your service" instead of that long title
However, it nicely points out the physics happening inside the microwave.
By measuring the cooked spots in microwave, one could calculate the speed of light. I think it could be a nice textbook entry for high school students in western world.