Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bookworm @ Arxiv visualizing trends #physics is a great place to put your papers, which is in waiting for the journal line.
This is also useful to get the time stamp on your work too. Moreover, by putting the pre-print in arxiv, you will be doing a favor to many readers who wants to read your paper off the campus/institution.

They have a tool called bookworm which can search for particular words/terms that you might be interested. It is very handy to visualize how the terms are being used in the published papers.
For example, I searched for the use of "entropy", and mutual information in physics, to get the following graph.
You can use bookworm to visualize interesting trend in the use of terms for the papers submitted to arxiv. Source

See how the use of graphene has "exploded", while qubit is kind of saturated, while superluminal neutrinos spiked recently

As you can see, the  graph is very useful to see the trends of certain terms being used. Please feel free to comment whether it helps to visualize anything about the scientific field.