Sunday, May 10, 2009

Constellations in the Southern Sky

Last summer, 2008, I was in Sao Paulo Brazil for MaxEnt 2008 conference. Aside the academic matters, we had chance to see the night sky. I have to tell you that the night sky in southern Hemisphere is very very different.
Because of the orientation of the earth, the spiral of the milky way towards center of Galaxy could be seen. It was equally exciting to see the Alpha Centauri from there.

After the Anonymous commented, I wanted to write a little bit on it: (Thanks Anonymy!)
The Milky way galaxy we see in the northern sky is going from north to south. In there, we can see the spiral arm of the Milky way and the center of the galaxy; which is exciting! The Alpha Centauri was also saying hello! from about four and half light years, the whole night sky was so gorgeous! I don't know if you have seen the beauty of sky in the darkness!

See the apod:
The picture is "Astronomy picture of the day". The sky was not much different.
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