Monday, June 1, 2009

A Google Widget for Nepali Bloggers

A google widget for Nepal Bloggers has been created: get one here 
The amazing thing is that it works everywhere from your igoogle page to web page or blog. Simply insert the code, and you are good to go. There are functionalities to modify it. You can change the dimension to fit into your available space. For the time being, it is updated every hour and collects from about 60/70 blogs listed in hamrocircle . This is just an attempt to have a list of active Nepali bloggers who are ready to show love to each other by visiting each other and sharing the views. We know that many sites are not yet listed there. It is still being updated.

I would also suggest joining the hamrocircle in facebook .

We can see that there have been growing market of such blog lists. The first I could find was . A huge listing of Nepali Bloggers can be found there. A problem however in there is the fact that many of them have gone into hibernation. Some had only few posts. I can understand it, we are not professional bloggers. Even If we want to be, we end up posting news and claiming to be blogger. Well, not that easy job either. I think being a blogger means something different than posting news.

Thank You every body for using it and giving creative feedbacks. 

Special Thanks the first time users.

Please let me know if you are using it!