Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Helmet Teachers and +2 Colleges in Nepal

Fuel Gloss Black X-Large Triple Vented Modular Full Face HelmetIn the recent edition of online Himalkhabar, there was a panel discussion on  "which kind of teachers are good". Of course, there was a recurring topic of "Helmet Teachers" as expressed by the participants.
"Helmet Teacher" (HT) in Kathmandu valley is the name given to the teachers who are the visiting teachers without full time commitment to the institution. Helmet teachers are basically invited to teach one or two classes. Since they usually have to cover many such campuses, they usually come in motor-bike (and thus with helmet in hand); teach and go.
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The bike Helmets can be lost in critical time, or traffic jam can prevent on-time arrival of such teachers.
Since HT are not fully responsible, the load shift from class to class can disrupt the learning environment. Even some of the time, the fulltime teachers may have to share the load for HT's absence.

10+2 should be obliged to hire certain number of full time committed faculties.
HSEB is now a very big institution. I wonder why it is still not going under hiring HSEB branded teachers. With proper training and HSEB affiliation, the quality of teacher can be assured (if there is any question on it).

The rest is out for discussion. One needs to note that planting the guilt into somebody does not solve the problem.