Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nepali Physics Students Departing from Nepal: Fall 2010.

This year about 25+-5 Nepali physics students departed aboard to pursue the PhD degree. There are more than 200 physicists aboard now!.
The name and university are listed below:

  • Binod Manandhar- University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Santosh Sharma- University of Memphis, Tennessee
  • Shreedhar Pant- Texas Christian University
  • Navaraj subedi- Mississippi State University
  • Kamal Chapagain- Western Illinois University
  • Dipendra Adhikari- University of New Mexico, NM
  • Tej Nath Lamichhane- University of Texas, Arlington
  • Keshav Sapkota- Catholic University of America
  • Bijaya Thapa - University of Utah
  • Binod Rai- University of Memphis, Tennesse
  • Kamal Dhakal- University of Rhode Island
  • Disoj Neupane- New Mexico State University, NM
  • Takat Rawal- University of Central Florida
  • Raj Dahal- University of Memphis, Tennesse
  • Keshav Shrestha- University of Houston, TX
  • Nabaraj Sapkota- University of Utah
  • Tara Acharya- University of Utah

Please let us know if you are missing on the list.

Thanks to Sanjiv G.