Sunday, February 6, 2011

Open Access Physical Review X (PRX)

American Physical Society (APS) has opened up for the creative commons (cc) side of it.
Recently it announced the open access journal Physical Review X (PRX) with the aim of "covering all of physics and its application to related fields".

I think by publishing in the open access journals authors have two fold benefits. One, the readers will get unrestricted access to the articles. Second, because the readers get the easy access, the author will ultimately get more readers. Plus the authors retain the copyright of the articles. The cc3.0 license permits anyone, without the need to obtain permission from the author(s) or APS, to copy, distribute, transmit, and adapt article content, provided proper attribution is given to the author(s) and to the source of the material.

Currently there is $1500 processing fee supposedly to "cover the expenses associated with peer review, composition, hosting, and archiving."


PRX features

  • Publication in a fully open access journal
  • Broad subject coverage encouraging communication across related fields
  • Validation through prompt and rigorous peer review
  • Retention of copyright by authors
  • Liberal reuse rights through Creative Commons licensing
  • Rapid dissemination via continuous online publication
  • Full integration with the Physical Review family of publications through APS's journal platform

A list of open access journals: