Monday, June 29, 2009

Nepali Team in the International Physics Olympiad IPhO2009: Mexico


We have been updated that Mr. Rohan Poudel (Team: Nepal) got the BRONZE MEDAL in IPhO 2009.

We would like to Congratulate Mr. Poudel and wish him all the best for future academic endeavors.

The 40th INTERNATIONAL PHYSICS OLYMPIAD, IPhO2009, will be held in Merida, Mexico from July 11 to 19th, 2009.

Nepal Physics Olympiad (NEPHO) committee was formed on the initiation of Dr. Sitaram Byahut in 2006. As one of the member of the Society, We have seen his dedication and hard work to bring it up from zero. On his co-ordination, Team Nepal participated in the 38th IPhO competitions held in Iran in July 2007 for the first time with four students. Mr. Bishal Lamichhane of St. Xavier’s College won the “HONOR MENTION” award and the President’s prize for the “Best among the New Participants”.

In 2008, in Hanoi, Vietnam, Nepal Participated with a team of 6 people.

The process of selection involves Nepal Physics Olympiad Committee conducting a national level test among students of +2 sciences, A level in science and I. Sc. It then selects, trains to represent Nepal in IPhO.

Nepali team for IPhO 2009

This year The test was held on 1 March 2009. It was conducted in Padma Kanya Campus, Baghbazar, Kathmandu, Pokhara and in Butwal. About 250 students appeared in the test. NePhO selected top 30 students for further training. Those students were trained for one week before a test was administered to select top five students to represent Nepalese team in the 40th IPhO 2009. Mr. Rohan Poudel, Mr. Grishma Raj Pandeya, Mr. Roshan Sharma, Mr. Shikhar Rai and Mr. Manish Pokhreal comprise the team to the IPhO-2009. The team will also have a leader – Dr. Narayan Adhikari/Prof. Dr. Pradeep Bhattarai. There are three intensive trainings, each of six days duration, for the preparation to the IPhO. The team is leaving for the IPhO to Hanoi on 9 July 2009. we would like to extend best wishes to the Nepali Olympiad Team.

[Adopted from: NPS Newsletter 2009]


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There are a lot of troubles and hurdles to get Nepali team into such huge programs, moreover, Mexico is on the other side of the globe for Nepali participants. However, participation in such programs will not only bring students to the global exposure, it will also awaken a huge physics monster living in them. Challenge them and will be good for the overall development of physics and physics education in Nepal.

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