Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Favorite Nine Blog Posts by Nepali Bloggers

I missed the Fifth Online Blogger Bhela (see पाँचौं अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय नेपाली ब्लगर भेला समिक्षा तथा Archive).  

As a guilty pleasure, I am posting my favorite nine blog posts. Here are they not arranged in any particular order...
    I have to say, when I encountered few many Nepali tweetpals, I thought these guys are here just for fun. However, among the zigery-pokery, a nice thing emerged: Tweet For Cause Nepal (TFC-Nepal). Now the tweets by Nepali tweetpals are being directly used for helping children. Neat!
    (Not to mention: I also liked the travel diary by Aakar.)
    This one by Archana G is good one. Culture in 21st century. Do we ask enough questions?
    Although written lightly, it touches the deeper subject of Nepali culture on punctuality and timelessness. If we can not get the time right, where do we go from there?
    (Not to mention: the helpful posts by Dilip G for new and old bloggers.)
    I like this collection of Nepali blog walls by Nepalean G. While people take pleasure in claiming to be the pioneer in Nepali blogging and put the self-pride, I ask them: what have you done to really better Nepali Blog-o-sphere?
    This is the one stop for new or old bloggers to take references from.
    Dhaiba G, has done a great work in bringing the face of the creators. Hats off to his dedications!
    Against the flow: Basant G is one of the example in recent history where he returns to Nepal and faces the question: "kati lyais ta?"
    Well, it still needs to be highlighted: what academicians  brings to country is bigger than the paisa...
    You can not buy gyan by paisa. Wishing him all the best.
    ... देश चलाउनेहरु एउटा कन्ट्रयाक्टमा सचेत बर्गलाइ विदेश पठाएर आफु बलेको आगो ताप्न खोज्छ. Why do we need to sell the labor to other country? This needs some serious attention
    Language is not my subject. However, this post in interesting and seems the author has done some nice research in the topic. I like this as an example of how a blog post can be good if it is well researched/written.
    Among lots of post about being aboard, this one touches you. If you are aboard, this will put you in the frame. 
Please do share yours. Getting Nine out of so many was a hard problem. I was very much tempted to get few more, but I disciplined myself on the (already decided) number.