Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nepalese Physicists departing from Nepal in Fall 2011

Thanks to Sanjiv G (Mahesh G and Yubraj G), we present a list of Nepalese physicists departing from Nepal for the Fall 2011.
The list is not yet complete, will be updated as more info comes in.

1.Udaya Raj Dahal- University of Connecticut
2.Niraj Raj Ghimire -University of Connecticut
3.Basant Kumar Dhital- City University of New York, Graduate Center
4.Subin Sahu- Oregon state University
5.Jeevan G.C.- Florida International University
6.Anup Pandey- Ohio University
7.Hem Moktan- Oklahoma state University
8.Yubaraj Malakar- Kansas state University
9.Sudeep Jung Pandey- University of Central Florida
10.Dhan Bahadur Rana- New Mexico State University
11.Diwakar Sigdel- Florida International University
12. Raju Timilsina- Central Michigan University
13.Ekraj Dahal-Boston college
14.Uttar Pudasaini-Old Dominion University
15.Gajadhar Joshi- University of Uttah
16. Rajesh Panthi- Oklahoma state University
17.Bhim Prasad Chaulagain- Wayne State University
18.Niraj Shrestha- University of Memphis
19.Namoona Pandey-Florida International University
20.Alina Karki-Ohio University
21.Sudiksha Khadka- Ohio University
22. Yuba Raj Dahal- Kansas State University
23. Pratap Timalsina- Kansas State University
24. Yuba Raj Poudel-University of Idaho
25. Ashish Sapkota - Iowa State University
26. Ganesh Pokhrel- University of Memphis, Tennessee
27. Jiba Nath Dahal- University of Memphis, Tennessee
28. Shreeram Acharya-University of Central Florida
29. Amrit Laudari- Missouri State University
30. Prakash Nepal- University of Wisconsin
31. Khagendra Adhikari-Univ of southern Mississippi
32. Ek Raj Adhikari-Univ of southern Mississippi 

I would recommend that the students should become life member of NPS before they depart.

Please let us know if someone is missing.
Please join Google group of NPS:!forum/nps_nepal

I had written about my experiences of departure here:

And what to pack here... (the list needs revision as per your destination: hot/cold, but gives a general idea)